International vehicle transportation

We offer you vehicle transportation throughout the whole Europe. Our experience in the transportation of new and used vehicles is a guarantee for the high quality and reliability of our service. We proudly declare that we are the leading Bosnian company in the area of transportation of new and used vehicles from Europe to Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Transportation of new vehicles

Transportation of new vehicles requires special care and attention. Our company certainly offers this, and the best guarantee for that are our long-term clients.


Transportation of used vehicles

Unavoidable part of our business is the transportation of used vehicles. From our experience, we guarantee that each transportation request will be completed in the shortest period possible. The transportation of your vehicles will be done effectively to our mutual satisfaction.


Inland vehicle transportation

The transportation of vehicles represents the core activity of our company. Although it largely focuses on the vehicle transportation abroad, it should be emphasized that we are also available in the field of inland vehicle transportation. Whether you need direct delivery from one location to another, or distribution of vehicles to different locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, our company is always at disposal.


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