• Which documents are required for vehicle importation from EU? +

    First of all, the purchaser of any motor vehicle has to provide an invoice for the vehicle they have bought. If it is bought from the legal entity then the invoice is required; if it is bought from physical entity then the bill of sale is required. During the export clearance, apart from the above-stated, it is necessary to provide the following documents for the vehicle, including: certificate of title to a motor vehicle, registration certificate and the certificate of origin. During the export clearance it is necessary to state the border crossing spot in Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. the place where the import customs clearance will be done. After the vehicle has been transported to Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the border crossing spot, a Unified Customs Document (UCD) will be made. Within the next 10 days the importer needs to complete the type approval. This can be completed in any authorised station for motor vehicle testing. This testing requires the inspection whether the vehicle fulfills the legal norms and standards necessary for safe participation in traffic. For the type approval testing, the importer/owner needs to provide the required documentation at the station for motor vehicle testing. This documentation includes the invoice or the bill of sale, Unified Customs Document (which was given at the border crossing). After the type approval procedure has been completed, the vehicle is directed to the customs authorities to complete the customs clearance procedure. Cusomts authorities will require type approval certificate, together with the invoice, or the bill of sale, certificate of title to a motor vehicle, registration certificate and the certificate of origin. After the customs clearance is done, the vehicle is ready for its registration in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • How to order transport from EU to Bosnia? +

    While making an inquiry for transportation, you need to provide the basic information about the loading address, number of vehicles, vehicle type, export clearance, border crossing, and of course unloading address, and customs clearance address.Apart from the above-mentioned data, we emphasise that the vehicles need to be ready before our truck arrives to the loading spot. In other words, the vehicles are then only to be loaded and forwarded to the export clearance. The same applies to the importation procedures, all the necessary documentation for customs clearance and the procedures at the border crossing have to be promptly prepared in order to avoid the unnecessary stopping at the border. All unnecessary stops caused by the untimely preparation of the necessary documentation can be invoiced to your company as additional expenses. To order vehicle transportation please contact us by telephone, e-mail or our inquiry form.
  • How to order the transportation within Bosnia and Herzegovina? +

    Apart from international transportation, inland transportation of vehicles is much more simple. Above all, there are no export or import procedures, and therefore the whole process is reduced to transportation only.The main issue while ordering a transport within Bosnia and Herzegovina is that you provide us the basic information that include loading/unloading address, number of vehicles and their type. It is likeable that you also tell us if the vehicles are in driving state, just to avoid the unnecessary problems during the loading and unloading of these.
  • How to order the transportation of a single unit? +

    When talking about transportation of single units, it is certainly easier to organise a full load transportation. However, if our client orders a transportation of vehicles less than a full load, then in such cases we combine it with another vehicles. However, our clients have to be patient, since it is not always possible to combine their units with other clients. We emphasise this especially due to the fact that most of our clients order a full load transportation. Nevertheless, in such cases the client with one or few units will be put on a pending list. As soon as our truck would have space to combine it with another vehicles, we will load it and do transportation according to our client's order.
  • When to expect the final delivery ? +

    After you had sent us the inquiry for transportation from abroad, depending on the location where the vehicles are situated, it is necesseary for you to wait 2 to 4 days until the loading. Having it loaded, under the condition that all the procedures were completed without any setbacks, the vehicle will be delivered to your address within 48 to 60 hours maximum. In case of inland transportation, after your inquiry, you will have to wait for its completion from 1 to maximum 2 days. After the vehicles are loaded, the delivery should be completed within 24 hours.
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